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Pedogate/Pizzagate - In-Depth Exploration FULL Documentary 2020 Part 1-2-3-4 by Mouthy Buddha 1080p

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Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Pedogate/Pizzagate - In-Depth Exploration FULL Documentary 2020 Part 1-2-3-4 by Mouthy Buddha 1080p



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SQUEAK077 25 days ago

Epstein a woman who was recruiting for him talked about how Epstein was going to give her 250k a month for 18 yrs to have a baby for him this is the wealth these people have.

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TheGreatAwakening 20 days ago

The amount of money these people have is unbelievable ...

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SQUEAK077 20 days ago

@TheGreatAwakening: Were I live i heard of stories from contractors where the rich will build a *unique* home and then 2 yrs later at a cost of millions tear it down. Locally long ago the high school took a design for a school from southern california nothing enclosed all rooms open were we will get a lot of snow in the winter time. The logic of rich women I have seen it is why i never married even had a ukraine woman tell me since i do not make a million a year she will not marry me this was long ago and she was 38 i think well over her prime. As an old man told me long ago if you do it go over seas and get the youngest you can find and keep her away from western women. I have seen asian women turn into what they first hated seeing coming to america/canada. I was told i should write a book on my life god i have seen so much and I have to agree with TP the court system is one sided. Good video man keep it up.

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TheGreatAwakening 18 days ago

@SQUEAK077: history is set on an endless cycle until we ascend to a higher level of consciousness.. they keep talking about 5D it might take another 50/100 year at least until we reach 4D, since we just started breaking off from 3D mental patterns...

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