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P-Sleeve...The most dangerous dr-g on the planet - Breaking Bad fan theory he did it for his wife

Published on 09 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

Pu$$y is bad for you M'Kay.

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Jaygo 2 months ago

I talked about this a lot. In fact i went deeper into is and found like a biological component this.. It's what i call the Simp hormone, I got it from a paper written by this scientist who discovered something called Copulins . A hormone females transfer to men through sex which travels through the man's urethra and make it's way to the man's brain. It's some real freaky sh*t when you see how it works. Almost like a Zombie virus, but instead of turning men into the Walking dead, it turns them into Simps who's actually able to be controlled by females. What's soo alarming about it is, they call it a "Hormone" but, it seems intelligent, like a parasite or something. It's what i believe is responsible for this explosion of Simps we're seeing. Here's the info on it for those who's interested; Brace yourselves

http://www.copulins.freeservers.com/custom.html (pay special attention to the bottom section under "EFFECT OF COPULINS ON THE MALE SUBCONSCIOUS")

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