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Published on 14 Sep 2020 / In Other

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Go your own way guys...

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mrghoster 14 days ago

Just look at that 1000 cock stare of insanity in it's face? Dipping it's hair in the bowl is the nearest it has got to being washed in month's! Whilst it is about it's madness why not take a dump in a bottle of Whiskey mix it with some of her vaginal scrapings and pass it of as Irish Coffee! lol! Look at that mouth when it is budding it's ears! lol! In the time wasted for this CUNT to do this her Ex has invented and built a Rocket to MARS! Surely in this COVID 19 times this is tantamount to terrorism? or it should be. women cant even match up yto MEN here either? all I guy would have to do is PISS in the wine bottle but to "IT" it must be a DRAMA like a massive emotional Masturbation for it to experience.

All this was probably because he was 5 minutes late in from a 12 hour shift at work? or he forgot to kiss her on entering the home! lol! After all that her Date was secretly a Vampire and said to her "I don't drink........Vine"! lol!

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Fangs13 15 days ago

you deserve to be killed for this, then skinned, and then cooked!
you are inhuman, you are just a walking sack of filth.

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theWarrior 15 days ago

Damn! I'm pouring my own drinks from now own; fixing my own food from now own; not taking anything free or otherwise from any woman! heheheheh -the Warrior

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Pale_Profit 16 days ago

Bro the same here in Ghana.Hell my mother is a psycho

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Doggk 16 days ago

Glad to see some africans here !

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Hammerhead69 16 days ago

Nasty assed bitch!

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Councilof1 17 days ago

I'm so glad I wasn't eating when I watched that. That is one nasty bitch.

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