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My Wife Won't Let Me Buy Bitcoin LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 18 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

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I buy $500/month of bitcoin. My wife hates it. Should I care?

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Thomas. He didn't give me a specific topic so what I'd like to do is cover a Tampa Bay Times article called "I buy $500/month of bitcoin. My wife hates it. Should I care?" which I've put a link to in the description. Here's are the initial remarks by someone named Crypto Chris has to say and I quote: "Dear Penny, My wife and I have an agreement where we each are allowed to spend $500 a month however we choose. We have emergency savings, we both contribute to our retirement accounts and we have college savings plans for both of our kids. I’ve recently started using my $500 to invest in bitcoin, and my wife is furious. She hates bitcoin because I lost money on it a couple years back. But I only jumped back into it in August, and already I’ve tripled my money. If we’re allowed to spend our money however we want, shouldn’t I be allowed to invest in bitcoin? She’s wasted money by buying too many clothes and doing DIY projects that would have been cheaper just to pay someone else to do. I’ve never complained because it’s her $500." unquote. So thank you Thomas for the donation and I'll respond to Crypto Chris's comments in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOWs Guide To Retiring on 200k in Southeast Asia: Anyways, now back to the crypto clown world show. I'll share my own thoughts about this situation first and then I'll go through the comments of Penny the penny hoarder a little bit later. Of course this is a double standard. The wife is allowed to spend her money on useless consumer goods like clothes and do it yourself projects that probably never get done. Or if they do they never get done properly. Maybe the wife of Chris doesn't like crypto because if he's right this time and it goes up ten times from where he invested his money right now and say he has sixty thousand dollars in a year to spend on whatever he likes instead of only six thousand then she's going to get pissy because he might have enough to buy himself a new sports car or fishing boat and enjoy his life for a change. Meanwhile she'll be sulking by schlepping around paint buckets in the backyard. But that's ok because most women use their cooch to capture the value of the money that men make. Chris will be able to spend some of his money. Sorry our money. Because in the end she will have spent the first $500 dollars she was budgeted each month for herself and after Bitcoin goes up another two or three times she's going to spend another five hundred dollars a month that belongs to him. Odds are he's going to simp out and give her some money. But if she takes it she's going to look like an idiot because she told him not to invest it but she's a woman and she's mostly likely going to take it. He can use that money, if he makes a ton of Bitcoin to shame her and hold it over her head. Remember women deal in social currency. If her husband wins and she attacked him and told him not to do it then her social currency goes down if she spends any of the crypto currency he gives her. Chris doesn't see things that way but she does. Women don't want to feel like they owe men something. They hate that. Also it's a husbands' responsibility to make more money than she can spend in her life as well as to stand up to her financial shit tests. If he's really sneaky he'll put a woman in a tough position. For example one of my favorite recent authors Jeff Booth had to get permission from his wife to write the book called the Price of Tomorrow. What if she had told him no? Would he have still written it? If he hadn't then I never would have bought Bitcoin because he gave me the perfect use case. I'd hate to think that I might not own any Bitcoin right now because his wife said no. The guy is super successful as an entrepreneur yet he still needed his wife to write him a metaphorical permission slip. If she had said no I think he would have still written it because of his children. You tell your wife you want to write a book because you love your children and you ask her if you can. What is she going to say don't write it because I hate our kids? It's the perfect plausible deniability regardless of if his reason was genuine or not.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

While I share Warren Buffet's loathing of Bitcoin and crypto, I also know that insanity and madness is driving the market and I might as well get my share of the growth. Since institutional investors and Big Money are piling in, then I'm going to ride that wave.

IMO, all crypto is a gigantic waste of electrical power and is a parasitic suck on global credit. It is the Greater Fool Theory taken to an insane level. It is a non-productive investment which reflects NOTHING. Nothing is manufactured or accomplished. At least fiat currency, to a degree, is still dependent on labor (mostly slave now) and things being made and done.

As for stocks, they should be reverted back to being actual embossed paper certificates. It should be hard to trade and they should only be traded, hand to hand, or via a broker who would send-receive the certificates in the mail for his client. Maximum transaction friction would stabilize prices and make stocks a very safe investment. Ditto for bonds. Put those bonds in the safe and let them accrue 6% interest until maturity, the old-school way.

That would leave Bitcoin for Las Vegas if we had a sane economy and monetary system.

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RoboCat 2 months ago

I know nothing about grand-scale economics or how fiat currency fluxuates but I agree on the basis of simple logic. Unlike the dollar or other fiat currencies, there is nothing backing crypto and it seems to be nothing more than scam. Yeah it has some utility in transfers but that's not what most people are trying to use it for. It reeks of "easy money"/"get rich quick" which never ends well.

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Giridhar12345 2 months ago

What's mine is mine. What's yours is also mine

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acelaken 2 months ago

Sounds like his wife is tfm disguised as monkey tranny.

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Vandetta 2 months ago

I guess Men are Dark Lords Of The Sith if we deal in absolutes.
Can't complain about that. Sounds pretty good.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

WHAMAN ALWAYS WANT TO CONTROL YOUR MONEY.....FRIENDS......WHERE YOU GO....WHAT YOU DO.....this is why i walked off the plantation.

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Duugus 2 months ago

Yep, I loved this one, Sandman. So true. All those damn unused shoes in my closet I gave away to my daughters. They nearly tackled each other to get them. ( wife Passed )

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Well thank God I’m not married or will ever hope so. This is why I don’t prefer relationshits.

That’s why the second I went my own way even though I luckily never had a girlfriend to begin with. which was a very wise idea for me, So when I decided to go my own way I blasted myself way deep into the RedPill Philosophy. Where I instantly went monk mode the second I learned about MGTOW which really saved my ass.

All it really took for me to insanity go MGTOW the second I became RedPilled was just a shitty yet lonely childhood, Three rejections, a couple of very shitty friend zones the last being the absolute worst and quite unbelievably abusive from what I recall. What made matters worse is that the same bitch happened to be the same bully who I encountered at Cedar Point which it didn’t help that she was also Mormon like I was back in my Bluepilled years.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Controlling cunt!

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His error was getting married. Not just because of the "muh permission" thing, but also because now he'll lose at least half of his BTC if she divorce rapes him.

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