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My Millionaire Boyfriend Is 27 Years Older Than Me (Deep Dive Analysis)

The Elite D-X
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Published on 03 Oct 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣A video titled “My Millionaire Boyfriend Is 27 Years Older Than Me | LOVE DON'T JUDGE” was posted a week ago, by a channel named ‘Truly’ on YouTube. The video is an obvious propaganda piece, meant to make the 28-year-old female subject of the video appear to be a loyal, loving ‘girlfriend’ to her 54-year-old ‘boyfriend.’ The amount of deception, manipulation and even social engineering here, is “truly” amazing. I will do a ‘deep dive’ analysis of just what is going on here.

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tekrat 6 months ago

Damn she looks older than him without the make up.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 6 months ago

Sweety, honey, I know you loved me as a millionaire, but I've just had some financial reverses and now I don't really have any money. We'll have to move into a smaller place. I can't afford to buy you clothes and stuff any more and we'll have to live on beans and rice. I hope you still love me and will come with me on the move. Also, I have to sell my vehicles in order to pay first and last month's rent. It doesn't look like I it will get any better for several years. I'm just grateful that you are with me and love me so much to stay with me.

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Lucifer333 6 months ago

lol))))));..... anyway, the man is just a fucking simp, mgtow cures a lot of ppl

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 7 months ago

reminds me of the ex

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