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MGTOW Once Upon A Time

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Published on 11 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

What happens next...

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Kram 24 days ago

Lunch for the Bear ! Lunch with shit Sauce.

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SoloManZone 24 days ago

Might catch on

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Jon 25 days ago

Upon shitting himself, he panics. Being the soy boy he is, he froze up, then fell unconscious - totally vunerable to the bear's choice to eat him or not. The bear sniffed him, clawed at him a bit tearing a few holes in his clothing, and leaving a few cuts in his skin. When he woke up, he suddenly remembered where he was and about to be killed by the bear so he screamed. But there was no bear in sight, she must have thought of him as undesirable, not enough resources for her to stick around. He gets up again, feeling the pain from the gashes on his back. He didn't know much about wounds or infections, but he knew he was running out of time. He begins walking forward again, in the general direction his phone promised him the good life. The weak signal from his phone keeps promising that safety is just a little away and he needs to try harder. The bear encounter was just a one time thing, how unlucky I had the worst experience with a bear. That must have been the worst bear in the world! - he thought to himself. "The other things in this forest must not be anywhere near as bad as her" he said aloud to himself. "I'll get luckier now that that's over". Yet as he kept trudging through the forest, he didn't realize what this "test" was all about, and that the promise his phone gave him was not the promise of happiness, but the promise of his destruction - being pulled apart slowly by the forest.

After a day of walking, he was dying. Dying of thirst, blood loss, hunger, his body beaten and bloody. Death was following him and was catching up from behind him like some horrid beast following his blood trail and tracks.

He began to hallucinate, his mind breaking just a dozen hours from being dropped in this hellhole. He saw an old man up ahead sitting next to a fire and a natural handmade tent. Unsure of he was real or not, he approached him.

"You're not gonna make it, kid"
"No one ever makes it out of here. Those who do make it never really escape it."
"What are you talking about?"
"Kid, listen. That phone of yours is, it doesn't show you an actual portrayal of reality. The forest does not end where it tells you on that screen. The forest is infinite. And exists where you lived before you came here. Your death and destruction is a guarantee."
"This has to be a dream! You can't be real! This isn't real!!"
"Oh, I'm real, I'm the realest person you're ever gonna meet. If you're here, that means you've been dreaming your whole life, you've never grown up and become a man"
"That's impossible! I have a wife, a BMW I drive to my career, I have a degree! I am a man!"
"Listen to me kid and listen good. You either die as a boy, or live a man."
"But how?? I did everything people told me to do and then some"
"If you want to live, and not let the forest defeat you, you need to stop going."
"Stop going?? What the hell are you talking about?? I'm going to die here if I don't keep moving!!"
"The only way to win the Devil's game is to stop playing. Destroy your phone. Assume responsibility for yourself and if you survive, you may choose to assume responsibility for helping man-childs like yourself"
"What? I don't understand, you want me to sit here and die"
"NO! You fool! You need to STOP pursuing that life you fantasized about. You need to stay here, survive this test, and thrive here in the forest. For the forest seems cold, lonely but is the greatest experience and accomplishment any man can ever attain in his lifetime - a man's life is not about cars, his "cArEeR" pleasing his wife and the unending tortuous trek through life for the promise of happiness - what you've been told is safe and warm happiness."
"Are you saying I need to stay here and survive off the land like you?"
"What I'm saying is that you were always here in the forest, getting torn apart slowly only for sweet whispers of promise. The truth is that there is no escaping the forest. You'll always be in it one way or another."
"Are you saying that my life and this hellhole "forest" is the same thing"
The old man nodded "The only way to win the Devil's game is to stop playing. Stop your pursuit of what you think of what will give you pleasure and understand that the juice just isn't worth the squeeze"
The young man sat down, about to faint from blood loss.
"I don't feel good, I don't know how to survive, I will surely die here in this fucking place"
"You won't die, kid, now that you understand that this is infinite. You will see for yourself how much more rewarding it is to stop the rat race, and actually LIVE for the first time in your life."
Just as the young man was about to faint from blood loss, his wounds, and exhaustion, he heard the final words from the old man:
"Stop playing His game, kid. The juice is not worth the squeeze..."

The young man passed out and woke up a day or two (he wasn't sure) later in a parking lot. His wounds were healed and patched up, probably from the organization of "testers" who put him through this. He checked his phone, fully charged, and with dozens of messages from his work, his wife, some people he thought were his friends/coworkers. All angry messages asking where the hell he's been. For over a week. He got up again for the third time and looked around. In the corner of the parking lot was his car. It was a top-spec BMW M3 Competition, a beautiful car and he was just able to afford it with his "career" on the window was a note:

"Choose wisely"

There was a ziplock bag (waterproof) with the keys inside. He took the keys and thought for a moment. He then got inside the car and started it. He was about to pull away when he noticed in the rearview mirror a duffle bag in the backseat. He reached over and took it and opened it. Inside was a brand new pair of boots, a survival guide, a stocked first aid kit, and a cast iron pot and backpack. And another note:

"The choice is yours"

He was about to toss the note out his window and drive away back to his life and chase those dreams he thought fitting for any man such as himself. Then he checked his phone. His wife was angry - threatening divorce, his mortgage was due, his car payments late and another message that just "beeped" on his phone as he was reading the others. It read:

"It's in the trunk"

He knew what it was, and he thought for a good long minute. He got out of his running car with his duffle bag in tow. He opened the trunk and saw firewood, fire starter and a single match in a matchbox. He stepped back, shocked that he knew what it was and more shocked in what he was about to do. He walked around the car taking a good look at it. And for the first time he saw fake air intakes on the grill of the car. He wondered what other things were fake about owning this car. He returned to the trunk. Paused, breathed, and lit the match.

The running car was engulfed in flames within a minute. And as he was watching his car burn down, he took his phone out, turned it off and calmly tossed it into the trunk - the heart of the fire.

He turned his back to the fire, and walked into the forest he once thought was a horrible existence, he now saw as his freedom and liberation.

An hour later, he could hear something, with the aid of the wind to encourage sound to travel far and wide, he heard fire engines wailing in the distance. He said aloud:

"They're probably there because of me"

And he stopped walking for a moment and thought: "I wonder who else would try and do that for me - do that to me - to try and stop me from going this way". He questioned aloud:

"Who would stop me from going my own way?"

He smiled to himself, knowing he vanished to them, no one would.


After some time in the forest, surviving and thriving, the old man found him - he wasn't a hallucination after all. Turns out this group of people were quite wealthy but rarely used their money unless used to "test" another willing man who gave them consent but wouldn't remember because of the drugs administered. He became on of them, living a peaceful life in the forest and helping out with the testing periodically, but otherwise kept to himself and lived the most fulfilling life he could ever have hoped for. He was fishing in a new spot he found not far from his own log cabin - his new home - and was thinking to himself: "this feels right, I wonder how quickly I was replaced in my old life"

"Probably as quickly as my wife said she wanted a divorce!" He yelled out, scaring the fish away. He chuckled like madman and shook his head.

"What a bunch of assholes" - he said before casting a new line in the water.

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SoloManZone 25 days ago

What a good story buddy. Most of our so called civilised lives are all fake and un important....think about when we die, people come to our funeral that didn't care for us and in about 3 days its all over and we are forgotten

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Jon 25 days ago

@SoloManZone: Thanks! I agree with you that it wouldn't be long at all. By the way, feel free to use my story. All I care about is that people 'understand'

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jimbennett 26 days ago

The bear suddenly attacks the man mauling his legs where he cannot walk any longer. then the bear wanders away. leaving him there.. his phone starts to get a signal and he calls his mother, frantically asking her to send help.. all of a sudden the bear reappears with two nearly grown cubs, it's dinner time.

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SoloManZone 25 days ago

He didn't make it then... even though he had the latest iPhone with all the upgrades

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chinnyyt 28 days ago

love the asmr btw

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SoloManZone 28 days ago

had to look that up and thanks

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hqwebsite 28 days ago

The man probably realize the bear just attracted to his smell. He just unload his poop and quietly continues his trip to the cabin. Easy. https://glampingorcamping.com/....home/are-bears-attra

A bear can be harmful. Nonetheless, it's the least of a mans' worry.

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SoloManZone 28 days ago

I like bears.....

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mrghoster 28 days ago

He throws his phone at the bear and the bear eats it, thus due to all the poison's in the phone, lithium and such life the bear keels over and dies. Knowing the poison would take some time to infect all the hears system he rubs two sticks together and starts a fire and with a sharp stone starts to cook bit's of the Bear. Unfortunately he didn't notice the fire got out of control and the forest caught fire. minutes later a fire department helicopter flies over and see's him and rescues him and he lives happy ever after. Naturally it is in prison because he wasn't a femon who would have got away with a few tears and victim status but they locked him up for starting a fire because he was a MALE? lol!

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SoloManZone 28 days ago

Great ending buddy, could have been a normal ending but you even made it MGTOW!

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