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Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In Entertainment

stolen from discord

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GhostPlodderES 11 days ago

I'm thinking ..., yep, CUCK is about right.

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Mgtow_economics 11 days ago

You hear what he's saying? He's sleeping on the sofa a few days a week, whilst she's getting ploughed in the bedroom. In the same house, under the same roof. CGA had a fantastic meme on one of his videos, called 'Blue Pill Rage'. Both this guy and the dude in the title of the Blue Pill Rage video look very similar. And they are dangerous. No joke, Red pilled men are less dangerous to society than blue pilled cucks.

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pirania 11 days ago

You are a fucking CUCK ! STD`s someone ?!

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KEEPER 11 days ago

Lol, the idiot probably has no idea what the word means. What an idiot LOL he proves you right in the same sentence as he denies it.

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PRICK 11 days ago

This pathetic excuse for a man is a CUCK!!! Also he means NOTHING to his ( so called girlfriend. ) Maybe he likes kissing her after Tyrone blows his nuts in her mouth. This dude deserves ZERO respect from any man, and he sure isn't getting respect from his girlfriend. Imagine her, and Chad laughing behind his back at how stupid he is when she buys them stuff with HIS money, and when she tells him she doesn't like giving blowjobs, but can't wait to gag on Tyrone cock.

He is the dictionary definition of a CUCKOLD.

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Maxxx 11 days ago

I can't believe this, what an idiot.

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JG123 12 days ago

Tell your friends. Make sure they get a slice.

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Chinnmaster 12 days ago

honestly your "ego" has been and will be shattered why she will leave your ass for another manslave and years later your going to be crying about it saying it's my fault but it is your fault for not saying no to her.

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