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MGTOW A guy stole 20k from his employer and spent it on onlyfans and my thoughts on it

Published on 21 Jul 2023 / In Film & Animation

a guy stole 20k from his employer and wasted it on onlyfans and chaturbate

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_Natas_ 12 months ago

You want porn, that's what torrents and P2P are for. Spending money on shit on the internet that you can easily get for free, especially porn, is just fucking retarded. I just never understood this stupidity. And you're a slav, you already know much about what the jews commonly refer to as "piracy" lol.

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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

i agree. spending money on onlyfans is stupid and should not be done. i dont understand those who spend money on onlyfans for porn. maybe they are simps or cant understand anything

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