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MGTOW 7 Benefits of Dating a Single Mother DEBUNKED!!! (made when i had flu and original air date was Feb 21, 2019)

Igor MGTOW And Video Games
Published on 11 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

original air date was ⁣Feb 21, 2019

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Jaygo 12 months ago

This dude who made the 7 benefits video is a Simp Grifter. trying to use the Steve Harvey and the Christian Pimp Pastor model , playing sycophant ass kissing simp telling women what they want to hear. Any smooth Criminal, modern day Pastor,and Love Guru grifter knows, women will pay a hefty chunk of change to bs them, lie to them and tell them what they want to hear. Females are cerebrally fantasy based beings who LOVE fantasy, make believe and lies. Reality is nothing their interested in. in fact, they very adverse to it.

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Squeaker 12 months ago

single.... mother... defined a woman who spread for a looser and later wants a nice man with FUNDS and a job to trap him

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AvyScottAndFlower 12 months ago

More often than not , these BIG blobs of muscle are nothing but GIANT CUCKS

(READY to OBEY women,
like a brain-less LAPDOG,
at whoever DARES criticize HORRIBLE WOMEN!)

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