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Men Aren’t Allowed to Defend Themselves | Grunt Speak

Published on 30 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

Women claim to want equal rights. When equal lefts show up, they cry foul.
#TerrencePopp #RedSuppository #RealEquality

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lyhyemmat 2 months ago

Never fight in school, in the office or where you have to go.
Do it brazilian style and solve it ON THE STREET. Just remember to mask up and don't identify yourself (silent surprise attack, best tactic).

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Councilof1 2 months ago

That's how we used to do it. Wait until after school and solve it off school ground's. Fighting was still considered normal for boy's.

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LordFishStick 2 months ago

Train wrecks of the past, got my vote.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Hey, like Tim Fool, I am thinking about living in a van with or without a river... though, I am leaning more towards an all wheel drive, all terrain RV or truck with an RV hatchback... First, it's cheaper. Second, it's easier and much faster to move say during a Commiefornian invasion and take over. Third, I am considering saving up for a boat to sail away on if Potato Head does not get us in nuclear war over his (money) laundry site known as Ukraine ran by NeoNAZIs...

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IronRiddle 2 months ago

Chris Rock, "Never ever ever Hit a Woman..........First!"

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Terry went to school with Methusla and Moses.
He was 7 grades after me....

And checking up on the girls you went to school with.......
I did.... there was a reunion of the "year" and some girls were OK... but most were retarded cunts and they just got worse as the years rolled past......

And there was one or two (A guy and a girl) that went out of their way to be smart arse know it alls - fucking idiots with big mouths - and over the years I have picked up a few skills... they played me and I crushed them.

I never did go to the reunion - I bailed out at the Facebook stage...

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