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Like a giant rat trap

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

I mean this is really sad, but it is also a good demonstration of what happens when you fail to think things through....

A little time for reflection etc..

The only consolation is that it's an immediate kill.

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SQUEAK077 4 months ago

he is dead happens with double dump boxes on dump trucks people look inside and the chain is pulled and off comes the head happened to a kid near me a few years ago father bought him a new dump truck vs pay for him to go to college did not even last a summer.

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Hammerhead69 7 months ago

A 2x4 while standing out of the way and hammer the thing. Where did he go to small tool college?

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I find it to be really good to understand how things work and how they move, before I fuck with them.... There is a brand of REAL non Chinese mouse trap, made in Australia, called the Supreme Mouse Trap. And the punched hole in the bait / trigger, is a little ragged. The spring retaining wire - is smooth, but it's not glassy polished or lubricated. If you get very fine polish - be it 2000 grit paper, or metal polish and work your magic on them, the traps become VERY sensitive because it's smooth rounded surfaces on a lubricated film. You have to grip the trap very carefully, and bait it and set it, and then very very carefully put it down... mindful of your fingers... But they ARE really good traps and then the hair trigger, it makes them a bit challenging to set, but they always catch mice. This is what comes with studying the mechanism. I would not go near a fucking HUGE hammer / dead weight high up in the air and to stand underneath it's arc of travel.... I'd study the mechnisim VERY carefully and put in one or two degrees of redundancy to protect myself. Say to hold it up under a little tension - with an overhead crane and some kind of solid restriction to stop it dropping, like a steel pole or bar or locking device. When that mechnism dropped, his head was smashed flat, his brains was splattered and the top of his head went between his kidneys... No fucking chance.

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AbyssWatcher 7 months ago

aw shit...i don't think tht dude made it out alive

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