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I Was Sexually Assaulted At A Bar On New Year's Eve By A Fugly Woman

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Published on 03 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs


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Baxter416 10 days ago

...mud sharks...dark meat size queens...;-)

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MGTOWMONGER 20 days ago

Mexico is great, just pay $25 USD and you got the pussy for 30 minutes. Want an hour? Pay $35 USD. You want to repeat, go back tot he same massage parlor but find out what days she's working. If you really want to keep repeating or hit her up once in a while / practice Spanish, ask her for her cell phone nmber and install WhatsApp on your phone. You can do the same trick Amir is talking about getting these women to also flirt with you at a club and then you can pick up club gals on your own.

It's a lot more work, just going to a massage parlor and paying for play and going about your week is much better for many of us Mongers ;)

Also... beware in US bars... don't by these women drinks! In Texas, they tried to make the man who bought a woman some drinks responsible for the accident she had driving home that killed someone else. They made the MAN responsible for the deaths! They succedd! You want to take that risk?


Read it and remember it. 2013... This shit was over before it began. Go MGTOW and if you want sex, Go MONGERING in Mexico! I'll help you find the way!

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MilleRacks 21 days ago

Amar please send me the link shariah law for America video

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sirte1965 22 days ago

butterface women are a crime against humanity

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Schlemihl O
Schlemihl O 22 days ago

Yikes, sorry to hear that!

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