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How Feminism Has Fooled Us Into Thinking We're Living In A Patriarchy When It's Really A Matriarchy!

Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

This video is on the logical fallacy that feminism and oftentimes women in general have used to make us all think that we are living in a patriarchy when we are actually living in a matriarchy. How have they done this?

With what is called "The apex fallacy". This occurs when a sample of a groups highest performing members is taken, and then the entire group is evaluated based upon that example, as if all the rest of the group members perform as well.

Thus a true statement such as "Most CEO's are men" gets twisted into "Most men are CEO's". Watch this video to learn exactly how this fallacy works.

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RedPillSatori 2 months ago

It's true. Women tend to only look at the top 10% of men and project them onto the other 90% of men.

One point of contention, however, I think the Matriarchy/Patriarchy binary is more of a spectrum. The West is less patriarchal than it once was, but I've been living in much more matriarchal society (the Philippines) over the past 5 years, and it explains a lot of poverty and issues they have here. It's one reason why its officially Communist, war-torn neighbor Vietnam has surpassed them in GDP.

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Masculinism Movement
Masculinism Movement 2 months ago

Interesting thank you for that information

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RedPillSatori 2 months ago

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Masculinism Movement
Masculinism Movement 2 months ago

Exactly! I saw this diagram when researching the apex fallacy and I love it.

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