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Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

The judge got JUDGED!
Sreach "⁣⁣New Mexico judge, pets killed by husband in suspected murder-suicide."

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Kraka 2 months ago

If I have to summarize what means intelligence, it's when someone it's beyond his nature. When someone is more intelligent than his feelings and emotions, so he's able to redirect all of that crap from nature into something better. Practically everyone today is a product of their environment, predictable. That's why politicians abuse, because population in general act as they are supposed to.

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Gonzo17ab 2 months ago

Fuck New Mexico! That place is where scumbags live. Burn the whole state. I bet she cheated they're sluts. I'm glad

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Quoshi 2 months ago

He clearly felt serious remorse afterwards. My intuition is that he wanted to love but reality kept pushing back. Marriage can be very dangerous.

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