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HMT 363

Published on 17 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

He became Judge, Jury and finally Executioner.
Search "Wisconsin man shot, killed wife over alleged affair."

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GenerationLESS 3 months ago

A .22 is a deadly round. M16/AR15 use a .223. Yes he probably used a more conventional .22 rifle which is less powerful. However, a conventional .22 may not go straight through. Especially in the skull. It may go in one side, and instead of exiting, ricochet around inside the skull making scrambled eggs out of the brain. Food for thought (THOT).

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 3 months ago

Good point. Years ago I read that's how Del Shannon, the singer, did himself in. 22 pistol shot to the head and it rattled around inside. No exit wound.

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Councilof1 3 months ago

Wisconsin? He should have taken her camping with no communication equipment, cell phones etc. Then return to civilization and tell the authorities that she drowned in a lake. I'd tell them she drowned, that I tried to save her and I'd tell them the lake. You might just skate on the charges.

To any alphabet agencies watching I'm just treating this as a mental exercise.

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