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Grim Rants Into The Heavens (8/12/22) A Man Died This Week and I Think His Diet Was To Blame!

Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

Game: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (Itch.io)

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sauger1001 10 months ago

I'm going back a "few" years, but Cherry Coke was my favorite drink, until it caused my face to break out. The bumps were gone after a few days, then I'd drink some more. I finally got the message, and now drink mostly water, and the occasional IPA with an evening meal.

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WMHarrison94 10 months ago

I have replaced "soda" with Bai CoconutFusion (basically Coconut "lemonade" without the lemons and a ton of sugar) plus Caffeinated water about a 1:1 mixture. This along with dietary fibers are the main reason I can't go full keto, but I am trying to get closer minus November through January holiday "period." Bai has multiple juice drinks low on sugar including their teas and "bubbly" juices too. I still carry the occasional caffeine "grenade" a 7.5 Oz Mountain Dew. And some Virgil's soda 12 Oz not 20 Oz or 1 L.

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Grims Dungeon Of Rants
Grims Dungeon Of Rants 10 months ago

Usually that or body armor for me, or water. The propel ain't bad.

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