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FL 8yo Suspended 38 Times For Refusing To Wear Mask - "SUPER" Based!

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 16 Nov 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣She's based, she's savvy, She's Fiona Lashells. An 8 year with more balls, and more brains than the majority of Americans. She can leap the lefts nonsense in a single bound, and is faster with logic than a leftist is with their sophistry. She's not your typical 8th grader, and if I were to have kids I'd want a kid with the brains, and courage of this one. Simply AMAZING!

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spectre 2 months ago

when kids like her or greta have more say than adults, you know the world is beyond fucked.

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The Realist Philosopher

I have no issue with the right using the same tactics as the left. It's the only way to get them to stop using said tactics. Sometimes you must fight fire with fire, and what she's saying makes a hell of a lot more sense than anything Greta has ever had to say.

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boby 2 months ago

Lol that kid made my day. Made those brainless brave slores look like the joke they are. The difference of having a spine and a brain. It's obvious she has a father and a strong male figure in the house.

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