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Fatal Twelve Pt. 8: Divine Selection Continues, With An Unexpected Twist!?

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Grim Lords Dungeon Of Rants
Published on 08 Jun 2022 / In Gaming

Game: Fatal Twelve (Sekai Project)



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WMHarrison94 2 days ago

Bro. I was wondering what happened to this story game. I'll have to watch it tonight while I am working. I have been experiencing video editing blues with Windows and try to record a video a dozen or so times with Windows interrupting me or freezing up on me! I used to catch up on your vids Sundays, but I have been passing out more these days... Guess, I'll try to do that on Thursdays and Fridays. Good day to you, Dungeon Ranter now I guess.

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Grim Lords Dungeon Of Rants

Maybe I'll roll through that first week of October. It's a short 12 hr VN by the way.

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Grim Lords Dungeon Of Rants

Actually no, 25hrs bit still shorter than Sakuranomori Dreamers.

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