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Divorced Women: A Legacy of Regret | Popp Culture

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Published on 12 Nov 2020 / In Comedy

⁣They may not regret it right away, but they almost always do.

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jeffclouser 9 months ago

Hey, y'all about to get financially screwed after Divorce just disappear. Move to a different State, Work under the table and begin to heal. Let her monkey branched Boy do his thing, divorce her and Laugh at her being O.P.P. !

   0    0
Joker228 9 months ago

I agree with you Pop. I’d rather have a TV over a woman.. RLTW

   0    0
Geneo 10 months ago

my ex told the cops i hit her...while they booked me she wiped out the $50k id saved in deployments for a house....when that ran out she found a beta with a rich dad....when HE bailed, she starts talking about how TERRIBLEB rhings are, and how broke she is....she asks me to remarry her (its been 7 years and 3 guys popp...NAILED IT!!!). LOL. Hell naw! BTW, this was just a couple days ago. Ironic timing of the video ??

   1    0
BillyWiz 10 months ago

Popp woth Rambo black curly hair.... its a great look!!!

   0    0
wanderer9641 11 months ago

Getting tied up with divorced women spreads the regret all around.

   0    0
SolidSnake33 11 months ago

I have seven words for these aimless women:
Shut up. I don't care. Fuck you.

   1    0
Clavius 11 months ago

?? Had my... Cum dumpster, telling me to not repeat to her what Blake did on this video. She's getting grumpy, and repeat it to her. She goes balistc. Why? Her ex did the same! See a pattern here? Suspect I'm not the one failing here. ??? By the way, she's broke, I have the 46" TV + surround sound, paid house(s), paid 2 and 4 wheel toyS... You get the idea. ?

   0    0
HairlessMonkey 11 months ago

I'm just sitting here watching this with a big shit-eating grin on my face because I managed to avoid all this bullshit. What makes it even funnier is all the morons telling me for years I'll regret it .. I'm retired and can't think of anything to regret. Winning! :-)

   3    0
BlackPilledBeltMonkkido 11 months ago

Believe all wahmen, NHOOOO! Wah!

   0    0
BlackPilledBeltMonkkido 11 months ago

I'm not having sex with women until false domestic and false rape accusations are criminalized up to an international level. Til then I stay MGTOW Sage.

   0    0
QDLLC 11 months ago

Funny thing is that How I Met Your Mother had an episode where they hit the nail on the head about regrets and men vs. women. Men regret what they didn’t do...women regret what they have done. Surprising considering the culture in which it aired.

   0    0
QDLLC 11 months ago

Another Popp video. My week is complete.

   0    0
wroger_wroger 11 months ago

Oh noes.... Divorces because of just a bit bored..... and sails up on to the scrap heap of life...


   0    0
calee4nyaboy 11 months ago

He's very much describing my ex BPD girlfriend - almost like he personally knew the bitch. She acted like an entitled little cunt so I dumped her. Then she freaked out and begged me to take her back. I have to thank that bitch for me discovering MGTOW. Soooo glad I never married.

Great episode guys - very funny and oh so true! Women are so DUMB.

   0    0
wroger_wroger 11 months ago

Ohhhhhh the BPD's Disease..... Fuck, you just earned a medal right then and there.

   0    0
TheBrewjo 11 months ago

Fuck you Blake, you drop that on us... what five years later!

Well done :D

   1    0
Councilof1 11 months ago

Most women can't even see logic in the rearview mirror, if they even could in the first place. At least in my humble opinion.

   0    0
bluewaters 11 months ago

Im only here for the nice butts

   0    0
SOUKadath 11 months ago

My brother married his third wife (and by my rough estimate the 17th "last one" he's going "to be with forever") in 2012. Back around 2018 she served him with papers, and now in 2020 the divorce is finalizing--and the fum duck is dating her again before it's over. He's also living with our mother and one (and occasionally both) of his grown sons, the elder of which was destroyed by HIS two-timing wife's divorce a few years back, and she took his (I have recommended paternity tests over and over) three kids with her to parts unknown.

...and I'm sitting over here in my never-married house with my good-paying job, passive investment income and military pension, sipping cognac and doing whatever the hell I want.

   1    0
OmniStrata 11 months ago

my moat of self respect is insane. it even has the AA guns of logic and reason. The ICBM of divorce survivor is ready to go ???

   1    0
LongRedRoad 11 months ago

damm so funny, thanks Popp!

   1    0
charliebrownau 11 months ago

Awesome Video

So many wamans demand men mind read and refuse to tell the uncensored truth

   1    0
doczg88 11 months ago

Isn't 240p a little too low?

   2    0
doczg88 11 months ago

Marriage in 2020 is a suicidal deal for men.

   5    0
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