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Dick Masterson's Appearance on Dr. Phil

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Published on 08 Feb 2021 / In Entertainment

I didn't know who this guy was until TFM dropped his name in his last stream. I've decided to share his guest appearance on Dr. Phil from a few years back because it's hilarious to watch him trigger the female audience members. Unfortunately the video quality isn't very good though.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 2 months ago


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SchemeHub 2 months ago

His web-site still active, nice.

''In every relationship, there is one person who wants to get married and one who doesn’t. That’s the nature of monogamous relationships. There is one person who is strong, independent, and has cool stories and catch phrases and has been on TV; and there is one person who is a soul-draining succubus bitch looking for an excuse not to put out. That excuse is called marriage. In every relationship, there is a bread-winner and a bread-eater. There is someone who wears the pants and someone who wears a chastity belt. There is a man and an other person.''

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Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 months ago

MABTW. Fact not opinion.

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PlazmoidialSoup 2 months ago

Great find phil should have him more often..
Nah gynocentrism/female supremist nation its like fuel on a fire.
He should educate men tho to -+*TAKE*+-womans rights away. =HELL YA!
We have technology
I like how he answered questions.

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