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Daily Wire's Andrew Klavan cucks out and attacks MGTOW over marriage

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Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

Mainstream conservatives are pretty much useless and will never admit how shitty the laws are for men and recognise that female empowerment is the source of many problems.

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OlDirtyBazturd 4 months ago

Typical "tradcuck" viewpoints.

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Teddydog 5 months ago

Who is not living in the wreal world?

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PRICK 5 months ago

To be fair Andrew Klavan is an intelligent man.

Remember this men... We are all trained from birth to believe as he believes.

Every authority figure in our lives, from parents, teachers, government, classic literature, modern entertainment, media both mainstream, and social, friends, and extended family have all pushed this indoctrination, and then when you tie in his political affiliations, it's no wonder he can't see it.

The world is FULL of men that can't SEE.

I attempted to pick apart his "ARGUMENTS" not the man himself.

Rational emotionless debate could become a mgtow strength, because logic, reason, and statistics do support the mgtow philosophy.

Feminists respond to rational logical debate with bile, and vitriolic hatred. They have no REAL argument so they hurl whatever they have in the hope that something will stick, and of course the average mind won't dig any deeper, but will just cleave to their perceived "VIRTUE." It makes them FEEL better.

Lets NOT take a page from the feminist PLAYBOOK.

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audiophile641 5 months ago

Just shows how low the bar is that this non entity has a microphone to talk this tradcuck garbage

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Mustang 5 months ago

Never heard of this guy. Don't care.

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Buckaroo Baizuo
Buckaroo Baizuo 5 months ago

Just because it worked for you don’t think that it’ll work for everyone .. we’ve seen the stats, we’ve read the stories, listened to & consoled our brothers on the other side of this bs .. this guy is delusional and when his wife divorces him, his tune will change .. see you soon Andrew

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PRICK 5 months ago

Any woman can CHANGE, at any moment, on any whim, for any reason, or no reason at all.

No man has any control if she changes, or not.

No man can predict if she will change, or if she won't.

The current western legal system INCENTIVIZES women to betray the men that commit to them.

The potentially catastrophic life destroying, and many times life ending consequences are statistically too likely, and out of proportion to the REWARDS being offered.

Those same REWARDS are then used to control the committed man. Who's a good boy? Who wants a treat? Sit. Stay. No barking. Etc... Etc...

No thanks. I'm out. Walked away forever.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

Wow, the man is delusional, he doesn't live in the world that we do when it comes to the generation a women wgo exist now.

He clearly has no fucking clue of what is going on due to his generation gap and this generation's problems with women.

I do personally think that social media is a big issue for women mostly, maybe a little bit on men as well.

But you don't see the vast majority of men whoring themselves out on onlyfans and treating it like it's normal.

However I will admit, for women it's completely normal to be whores, as they say, it's the oldest profession in the world.

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sirte1965 5 months ago

Moron Klavan is delusional. Marriage is the state institution designed to leech resources out of a man and create impoverished drones easily controlled by the state. He is cheering for the camp of his ideological enemies disguising this under some "religion" and some "morals" - big speech for a religious JEW too. Jewish men are some of the most abused men by their own women - starting from their mother and then by their wives and daughters. What a tool!

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Mgtow_economics 5 months ago

Whilst I agree that Jewish men get abused by the females in their lives, Jews as a community also benefit from the current system, which funnels money up into their hands. It just seems like Jews benefit from male enslavement, since male servitude & taxation is what gives the money value.

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