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China Deploys Troops To Russia For Joint Exercise, Taiwan & Ukraine Conflict Sparks Fear WW3 Is Here

Tim Pool
Tim Pool
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Published on 17 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

China Deploys Troops To Russia For Joint Exercise, Taiwan & Ukraine Conflict Sparks Fear WW3 Is Here. China Joins Russia, India, Belarus, and other countries in a joint military exercise.

Meanwhile China has been extending its blockade of Taiwan with military drills leading to a tit for tat of sabre rattling with the US, Taiwan, and China flexing its military muscles in a show of force.

In Ukraine the crisis is expanding greatly with fears the war took a massive turn with military conflict in Crimea.

Democrats and Republicans in a bipartisan delegation to Taiwan may have just driven the conflict even more.


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spectre 1 month ago

whatever happens, china will never take over taiwan. why? because taiwan makes the most advanced microchips in the world. and no company or government can allow that to fall into the chinese hands who are known to build spyware and backdoors into firmwares of microchips they produce. literally the entire world would grid to a halt because no one could use microchips until new factories, who also need microchips, would be built. so once the americans and europeans build their factories for making advanced microchips in a decade, only then will china be allowed to take over taiwan.

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mgtow_economics 1 month ago

They're sending Congressional staff via plane to Taiwan because they want the Chinese to shoot down the plane, thereby giving the USA a pretext to declare war. I don't think China will take the bait. As Celente stated, 'When all else fails, they take you to War.'

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