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CHAZ/CHOP: A Failed Socialist Experiment | Popp Culture

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Social experiments sometimes succeed. Socialist experiments always fail.

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System Surfers

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SSG1996 1 year ago

1SG, have you noticed ALL the Media Personalities identified CHOP as the Capital Hill ORGANIZED Protest? Sounds so much more Intellectually Driven when it's "Organized", right?

   2    0
Trickbaby 1 year ago

Never interrupt your enemy when he is busy destroying himself.

   1    0
BartFine1Ab 1 year ago

Please go to generalshepherd.com

   0    0
BartFine1Ab 1 year ago

Hey Popp they closed my whore houses in Thailand! Waaaaa

   0    0
CopCuffs 1 year ago

LMFAO #GruntSpeak ?

   0    0

open offer....my firstborn for a working ED-209 unit delivered to CHAZ,,,,or working blueprints.

   1    0
Trickbaby 1 year ago

and they're starving!! LMFAO

   0    0
Oddball56 1 year ago

I'm actually starting to like this shit!! It's funny as hell!! The DEMO-RATS are in the front taking the blame BU-UT, in reality , it's the WHOLE government that is selling us out!! Who do you think is paying antifa & BLM?! The same politicians that are paying ISIS!! In november, ANY politician with 10 years or more in the seat should be voted out!! IF they are worthless assholes, vote them out every time.

   0    0
AlphaAdmin 1 year ago

Oh they are SO gonna get it when this bullshit is over. Yes!

   0    0
Pegleg1960 1 year ago

Chop Soy

   0    0
edman209 1 year ago


   0    0
SQUEAK077 1 year ago

Someone needs to make a cap,shirt,sticker *I cant swallow*... i am so sick of the narrative. In germany a Lenin statue was erected this world is going to all the goat fucks i ever had in the world.

   0    0
whyserenity 1 year ago

How about let's just start executing marxists. That would solve all the issues. I wouldn't mind deporting everyone that has ever voted for a democrat either, because they are just as evil.

   1    0
AladinDarkness 1 year ago

DId you see Senator Kamala Harris on Jimmy Fallon when she said Trump was a dictator because he used military vehicles, (aircraft), on Civilians? Ummmm, anybody remember Waco?

   2    0
wroger_wroger 1 year ago

We have to ask ourselves, "If Jesus were to cover himself in black make up and go to CHAZ, and to find himself wandering the streets as a nigger, killing all the other niggers in the name of Black Lies Matter, what would Jesus do?

   0    0
UnwillingVillian 1 year ago

...he'd vote for Trump.

   0    0
Veillis 1 year ago

I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you.

   0    0
Codexman 1 year ago

superb slice and dice of the absolute stupidity going. Popp you are a fucking Gem!

   2    0
circlekkk 1 year ago

Those demands sound to me like some weird attempt to ridicule Hong Kong protests "5 demands"

   0    0
Herbalist 1 year ago

I am sick and Fucking tired of those with enhanced melanin crying about oppression. Between 388K and 596K Africans were sold as slaves in the colonies. Now, they represent 14.7% of the U.S. population. Native Americans a mere 0.7% (from 100%). Try some Real Genocide on and see how it feels. Blacks have THRIVED in America! Ask a red man about racial discrimination, whiny ass Bitches! FUCK YOU!

   6    0
Herbalist 1 year ago

Truer words are seldom spoken: "If Black Lives Matter, you'd stop killing each other, and you wouldn't pay for over 300,00 abortions a year."

   3    0
Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

It wasn’t just some random socialist experiment against western culture but rather it is actually just the tip of the iceberg as part of a much darker new world order agenda than you could imagine.

   4    0
Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 year ago

What is happening is that the insane is gaining power. When they have enough, they will eliminate the nominally sane... if there are any of us left.

There is a New Yorker cartoon from awhile back showing a man talking to his son and it goes something like this:

"In this age, when there aren't supposed to be answers, I have one. It is 'No'".

And that is the problem. No one is telling them "No" with any real teeth. As long as that happens, the insane will keep gaining more power and do daft things... oh, you know, like rioting, looting, property destruction, assault, murder. They have a talent (if that's what you want call it) to destroy, tear down and obliterate. They have no clue on how to build anything.

It's time to tell them know in a language they will understand.

We've seen all this before at The Evergreen State College in 2017.

   2    0
RevKev 1 year ago

It's a global conspiracy of eugenics

   1    0
JMV59 1 year ago

Fuck 'em. Just drop a couple of MOABs on the site, the bring in the bulldozers to clear the debris. Parking in Seattle will get a lot better.

   4    0
delilahdespised 1 year ago

BLM - Black Lunatic Menace. It's hard to believe that these people are so fuckwitted BAD Popp. What's not hard to believe is that they're lead by BolshiFem Gender Terrorists.

   2    0
doczg88 1 year ago

Yuri Bezmenov explained all of this 35 years ago. Communists subverted America from within.

   5    0
doczg88 1 year ago

I had so much hatered in my heart the last three weeks. I hate the Left.

   3    0
doczg88 1 year ago

Capital: Tofudishu
PS. They are out of Tofu

   1    0
dnovt 1 year ago

Going to be a bloody summer.
Time for Revolutionary War 2020 yet?

   1    0
thoughtcriminal1215 1 year ago

Snuggle strugle lmao

   0    0
libertyanyday 1 year ago

these 'children' run away from in place systems, BUT offer no way to fix anything......... the french famously tried this in the 1700's

   2    0
libertyanyday 1 year ago

I can see the space needle from my front door ....... INSLEE IS HANDs down the worst governor in america.

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