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Bgsibmor Says There Would Be No Manosphere Without Pick Up Artists/Dating Coaches

Published on 30 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

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AcquireZeal 1 month ago

What point are you trying to make about paternity fraud? It's not anomalous. It's standard operating procedure in courts to do this, and the laws were strategically made to ensure this happens. The only thing that makes it seem uncommon is that most men don't have the sack to get paternity tests done.
Being victimized by crime is also rare, even in the most dangerous places to live, but everyone takes crime very seriously. Imagine defending crime in the way you just tried to defend paternity fraud.

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slapmonkey 2 months ago

Fuck pua's. An fresh as shit. They need to introduce themselves to the War Room.

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slapmonkey 2 months ago

I made it an hour then it turned into a damb sewing circle..... Hahaha.

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