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Beware if you ever hear this terrifying sound, in the dead of night.


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 24 Jun 2022 / In Other

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Bleblee 1 month ago

Tasmania devil can make these sounds too

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mrghoster 1 month ago

That noise in the wood's was a "Wild Bore", or my Ex Wife? same thing really!

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sardonicsmile 1 month ago

I used to work in the oilfields. That sounds like a bobcat.

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HairlessMonkey 1 month ago

Rosie O'Donnell also sounds like that when doing a night raid on the fridge.

   6    0
30203forever 1 month ago

I concur. The post-wall women are the craziest bunch out there. And not in a good way either....

   5    0
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