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Artificial Intelligence Now Generates Adult Content - MGTOW

Published on 30 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations yet again. Looks like I'm getting closer and closer to getting ready to hang up my digital hat so to speak. At least on this channel. I'll discuss more about that at the end of this video. But first I want to discuss artificial intelligence rendered adult content. There's a website which I can't share a link to because I'll probably get a strike on YouTube for but I'm going to flash the letters on screen so you know where to go so you can create all kinds of images that are definitely not safe for work. The stock photos I used in this video are of real women. But before I picked them out I went to the site that's on screen and then the stock page and I knew that the fake women weren't real but I started mixing up the real and fake in my head and I started to see the fake women as being real. The website showed me hundreds of images and they passed the aroused boner test. My chubby custard launcher didn't that they were fake. It still gave them a salute. Someone mentioned that in one of my recent memes of the week videos that ai was generating more than just scantily clad ladies but that it was doing way more so I looked into it. I've reached the conclusion that if I don't care if women are real or not sexually then you know that young guys won't care at all. Imagine what that' going to mean when there are completely nude virtual girls in five to ten years or less having conversations with you and rendered in real time? Real women are screwed. You can tell the virtual woman what you want her to do and she'll do it. Again it's almost over for real women. The male sexual revolution is upon us and they will cry and complain while wailing and gnashing their teeth that no man wants to fondle their teet. They will protest and complain but they can but they won't be able to stop it. Men will fap off until the world fails and stay away from relationships. MGTOW will be the new default setting for men in soyciety. Birth rates will plummet even more and family formation will collapse. All that before we even see those virtual girlfriends downloaded into lover bots. As men were almost in the promised land and for women the attention, resources and emotional tampon services are going to dry up. Even the desperate male feminists will probably go their own way from whamen. I'll discuss more implications of digitally rendered poon in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Prompt > Pron

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The AI "really attractive and perfect looking" women - or images of them.... Once they are all supreme beings - then they will lose their attraction.

Kind of like the male strippers - although women are just plain stupid... all the male strippers tend to look "the same" and so will the AI generated women....

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