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Anti-MGTOW Are Apparently Trolls and Haters Now

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Published on 29 May 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Apparently, disagreeing with MGTOW makes you a troll and a hater now. Its really sad to see how MGTOW continues to brainwash other men into attacking us. You can shame or call us whatever you want, but that is never going to stop me from exposing MGTOW.

✱YouTube - https://bit.ly/2ELVNLq
✱BitChute - https://bit.ly/2K66zy4
✱Twitter - https://bit.ly/3bU0odI
✱Last Video - ⁣https://bit.ly/3yN0zCO
✱Original Video - https://bit.ly/3fyiFyU

Video Notes:
This video is NOT intended to be a malicious personal attack against anyone! Instead, it is a critical analysis and commentary about their opinions, ideas, perspectives and their presentation of the material.

Certain video clips in this video are copyrighted material. I do not take credit or ownership for any of their creative work. Clips from their video(s) are included for the purpose of commentary and criticism. If you would like to view the original material feel free to click on this link to view the original video(s): https://bit.ly/3fyiFyU

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Modifications: Soundtrack cut to 15 second segment (part of the original soundtrack used - 00:05:09-00:20:21), Fade in 1.42 seconds & Fade out 1.13 seconds

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xenomorph 1 year ago

You do realize, that MRA didn't accomplish shit... You do realize that channels with the most viewers talk about female nature and don't try to spread hate against females. The system is broken and no MRA will fix it. You can act like a hero and be taken to the cleaners or walk away. That's the only choice you have these days.

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PRICK 1 year ago

0:55 You are not THINKING for yourself. You have been TOLD what to think, and it is the same thing every mgtow has been told to think by every authority figure since childhood. Taught by parents, family, teachers, govt. popular culture, books, movies, weak minded men, and women. The real difference is you never asked...Why? You believe the programming, and have ingrained it into your own thoughts so deeply you can't differentiate between societies propaganda, and your own thoughts. Not one single "IDEA" you spew out is "YOURS."

This is why an ORIGINAL way of thinking like mgtow, which has never existed in all of human history terrifies you. There are aspects of mgtow in ancient philosophies, like Stoicism, Asceticism, and monasticism, but the mgtow philosophy only borrows bits, and pieces, and only when those bits BENEFIT the INDIVIDUAL man. The old ideas couldn't know the systematic conditions of TODAY, and thus are an insufficient guide for living, and avoiding the potential catastrophic consequences faced by men right now, not 1950, or 350 B.C.

Anti-mgtow has not done a logical, statistical, or emotionless analysis of the risks. You simply put on a blindfold, walk out into the mine field, and ignore the scattered viscera from all the dead men that have done so before you. You turn a deaf ear to the anguish of those wounded, but still living men, and you step on, or over them to keep searching for your own personal landmine. Then just because "YOU" haven't been gutted...YET, you tell other men to put on their blindfolds, and follow you.

You BELIEVE the "REWARDS" are worth the risks because you've been "TOLD" to believe it. You either cannot question your own thinking, or you WILL not question your own thinking. Your mind is trapped. A FREE mind questions everything, "EVERYTHING!!!" Mgtow questions everything, including themselves, and the philosophy itself, which is why individual men pick, and choose whatever aspects of the philosophy to apply to their own lives, and which ones to reject. Original non-monolithic thinking.

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