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Anti-Male Discrimination (5 Big Ways)

Masculinism Movement
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Discrimination Against Men (5 Big Ways)

1.) Women are
exponentially more likely to get callbacks for job applications. I
noticed that once feminism entered its 4th wave, anytime I would need
extra work and would send out resumes I would get barely any callbacks
whereas I used to get many. Apparently I am not the only man who has
experienced this problem. Recently I saw a reddit post which I am
linking below where a man sent out 100 resumes as a man, and a woman.
They were the same except gender. The female resume got 650% more
2.) Family Court is extremely discriminatory towards
fathers and biased towards mothers, they almost always take the children
away and give them to the mother, and award her child support which can
never be reduced even when he loses income.
3.) The police are
extremely discriminatory towards men and biased towards women and always
take the womans side against the man even when he is the one who called
about her harming him.
4.) In sexual assault, any woman can bring
any man up on charges and ruin his life. However if a man is sexually
assaulted by a woman he has no legal recourse and won’t get taken
seriously if he attempts to press charges. Female sexual assault is
actually legal in many places – it is not considered a crime because it
is not considered possible for a woman to sexually assault a man. But
when it comes to men being accused by women, the women are always
believed unless the man brings definitive proof that it was consensual.
In these cases the man is guilty until proven innocent (a violation of
his constitutional rights). Even if he proves his innocence then he has
still been put through the ringer and had serious damage done to his
reputation and life.
5.) Men are perceived and treated as abusers
much more than women are, even when the same behaviors are compared.
Studies have shown that when people are surveyed about behaviors, the
same behaviors in men and women are seen as abusive by men but not by
women. I’ve linked this study below. And there have been numerous
social experiments done that show that when a man and woman are arguing
aggressively in public, that people will come to the womans aid when the
man is just a little bit verbally aggressive, but the woman can become
extremely physically aggressive and the man will be laughed at for it.


Job Application Discrimination

Male Vs. Female Behaviors Being Seen As Abusive


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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 2 months ago

About 10 years ago I worked with a woman who was a "political hire" in an engineering role. For a while she even had me bamboozled. It's a long story with some very interesting twists and turns, but in the end, she got an undeserved management promotion over more qualified candidates. Once she got that leg up she had the nerve (or was stupid enough) to tell me the men on her team and our boss basically did her job for her until she got the gig she wanted.

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Masculinism Movement
Masculinism Movement 2 months ago

Seems like an exemplary female

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I think this topic aligns with things like people telling Jesus and his 12 boyfriends, that he can't be gay and christian.

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@USMF: How do you mean?

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@USMF: Can you cite ALL the times I have mentioned Jesus and the context that he and his boyfriends were mentioned in? I have no recollection of what you are reffering too.

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@USMF: And what sort of Jew exactly are you reffering too?

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