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All 18 “Wild Cattle” Species & The History of Domestic Cattle

Published on 25 Nov 2023 / In Film & Animation

Discover all 18 species from the tribe, Bovini collectively referred to as wild cattle and learn about where and when cattle were domesticated. This video explores the species and cattle breeds on 6 continents and delves into how these impressive animals are used by various cultures.

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Wild Yak
02:17 Domestic Yak
03:10 Wild Water Buffalo
03:54 Domestic Water Buffalo
04:58 Indian Cattle
06:24 African Cattle
08:24 African Buffalo
10:27 European Cattle
12:07 European Bison
13:30 American Bison
16:17 North American Cattle
16:40 South American Cattle
18:08 Kiwi & Australian Cattle
19:33 Banteng & Bali Cattle
20:51 Saola, Kouprey & Tamaraw
21:22 Mountain & Lowland Anoas
22:28 Gaur & Gayal

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Creative Commons Attribution
Australian Stockman - CSIRO / Wiki Commons CC BY 3
Beefalo cow and calf - Mark Spearman / WikiCommons CC BY 2
Saola - Bill Robichaud / Flickr CC BY 2

Editorial Attribution
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Alps Transhumance at Charmey - ventdusud /
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Balinese paddy farmer ploughing with two oxen - Focus Photography /
Banteng or Bos javanicus in Alas Purwo national park - Bayu Pamungkas /
Brazilian Cowboys in Bahia - Moiseis Sampaio /
Zebu hump with painting - Yamomoya /
Dzo on Everest Base Camp trek - JossK /
Gaucho against Mount Fitz Roy - sunsinger /
Sankranti festival street shoe - silentwings_M_Ghosh /
Kouprey Stamp from WWF - Oldrich /
3 x Kuri cattle photos Boulenger Xavier /
Tamaraw in Manila National Museum of Natural History - Walter Eric Sy /
Traditional Balinese rice ploughing, Duda Utara Village - Made Rai Yasa /
Laos kouprey stamp - Boris15 /
Tibetan woman milking yak - Storm Is Me /
Two Masai Shepherds - Robin Nieuwenkamp /
Cowboy drives cattle through a field - AV Geeks /
Anoa at the zoo in the morning - Bahtiar arifianto /
Sumerian frieze with inlay of cows - Triarc /
Charros performing during a Charreada - BlackBoxGuild /
2 x Texas cattle drive - Kit Leong /

Graphics/Data Attribution
Satellite Imagery - NASA
Global cattle & water buffalo distributions in 2015 - Harvard Dataverse

Further Attribution
Unless stated above, all still images are used under license from Thank you to everyone who makes their work available for use. Covering all of the wonderful species in these videos would not be possible without your incredible work.

Sources & Further Reading
Listed below are the sources used to create the video.

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There were too many for the character limit so I've included a link to a Google Doc with the full source list for this video:

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