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Abuse and pain teach us the truth 2 1-2 psychological abuse

Published on 24 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

A little talk about the psychological abuse being inflicted on us by each other and the NWO globalist system

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red maple
red maple 7 months ago

Lies mislead us. Humans like to themselves stories

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TheDemonKing 7 months ago

Can't upload anymore today,I'll put the rest of it up here as soon as I get the time and a secure connection.Can't use Tor everywhere can't have all my security settings everywhere. I like Jumping between different wifi spots that have a LOT of traffic and a LOT of people using the network at any given time.
I'm just a guy in a mask in a sea of faces,but that means I can't get on here as often as I would like,but I'm more anonymous overall. I'm just valued customer owner of unregistered refurbished computer with a Tor IP address.
Protect your anonymity it's your greatest asset in these tyrannical times

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