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294 The Masculist Freikorps Option (Masculism MGTOW)

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Published on 26 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers
Flyer No 294
Title : The Masculist Freikorps Option
Text URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/the-masculis
All Flyers URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/de-garis-mas
Book : “MASCULISM, Men’s Rebellion Against Being Manslaves to Women, An e-Textbook of 300+ Masculist Flyers for Men’s Studies Courses” by Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, (freely downloadable, in MS Word format, from) https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/masculism-me
Descr : This flyer states that the masculists have the “Freikorps Option” i.e. that when push really comes to shove, i.e. when the population really starts to crash, due indirectly to the hated feminazis having taken over the divorce courts and making them toxic for men, resulting in two thirds of young men refusing to marry, refusing to have kids (the critial point) and spending their money on themsleves, then masculist soldiers will go on a sex war into the streets, like the German Freikorps, just after the end of WW1, and shoot the hated feminazi bitches, to stop them from indirectly wiping out whole populations, and then forcing the menfairing of the divorce courts and the menfairing of the gender laws, bringing in the Parer etc.

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