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#2020Election: It's Not Over Yet | Grunt Speak Live

Terrence Popp
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Published on 25 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣More about the night our republic died.
Originally aired November 13, 2020

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HanLockhart 1 month ago

We have a much, much bigger problem...

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Ratherbefishing 1 month ago

Muslims in Michigan: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gBtjgC4afAdx/ Whole swathes of America ain't America no more.

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Johnny_Cage 1 month ago

Dude; they need to be watched like a hawk! Just like Indians, Asians, etc. these Easterners have ZERO allegiance or true reverence for America and/or freedom in concept. I've discovered this first-hand. They are very adept at lying, infiltrating, and subverting. Most of them have the right ideas about women, but they are overall incompatible with the Constitutuion or freedom [true freedom which necessitates strict responsibility and rare, but harsh penalties for infractions]. America will learn this way too late, when the sleeper cells activate and these Easterners' true colors, sentiments, and loyalties are revealed in our time of crisis. They're mostly spineless cowards that just are here for the proximity and worship of White women [and men].

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

@Johnny_Cage: President John Adams and Lord Macaulay both saw the fatal weakness in our Constitution. In short, John Adams declared that only a righteous and holy people could make it work. Lord Macaulay saw that America had room to sweep its mistakes under the rug or push problem people out to the West. But, the time would come when we could no longer hide our errors and Macaulay said that our Constitution was incapable of dealing with that. Indeed, the idea of equality and guarantee of freedoms to all will become a poison pill because they will not allow us to NAME THE JEW and take action to eradicate the same (((DISEASE VECTOR))) that has destroyed countless nations and kingdoms before us.

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Johnny_Cage 1 month ago

@InfiniteMushroom: Very true. I think one of the leading founding fathers acually was enraged about them allowing Jews into the cnew country. It might have been Jefferson or Franklin or Adams, but I swear I remember seeing someone quote it. That Jews would take power and 'leave Americans homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered.' His words have never rang more true than now.

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gchase 1 month ago

Main-swamp-media...propaganda sewer for the dem coms. Trump won!

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fishandchicks 1 month ago

The Hegelian Dialectic
- problem, reaction, solution
I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
decompose naturally, whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
Yes, the virus is real (the annual flu) with a 99% survival rate. BUT yet the ill-informed are submitting to an experimental injection, multi-national organizations leading lambs to the slaughter… Those same multi-nationals that own the media & our politicians coordinate the message to over hype the reality of its effects; it is no more than a ploy… PLEASE open your eyes!!!

This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public's benefit...

What they don't know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning... fiat has only ever run
for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride...


Hey, I think this would be a great topic for you to research –- NEW LINK --- I have had to edit this link 3x ; they are going out of their way to keep this quiet!!!


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