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14 Reasons To Stay Single - MGTOW

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Published on 26 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

Thiis video is brought to you by a donation from George and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I'm George. We're all George. First of all, I want to thank you so much for your videos on YouTube. I finally decided to stay single and go full on MGTOW for the rest of my life. For the last 2 weeks I have been extensively watching your videos and have also I have been writing my fears in a diary and I realized I have 14 reasons why I am scared to be in a relationship. I have two questions which are: I live in Sydney and just wondering if you have any intentions of visiting Australia in the coming years because we need men like you to step up and help us? I don't know any organized MGTOW group in Sydney if you please can help me with this? Now on the fourteen reasons why I'm scared to be in a relationship. 1. I'm afraid she won't love me the way I want to be loved. 2. I'm afraid she won't treat me like a king. 3. I'm afraid she won't initiate sex. 4. I'm afraid she won't give me sexual pleasure. 5. I'm afraid she won't be loyal to me. 6. I'm afraid she won't be honest with me. 7. I'm afraid she won't trust me. 8. I'm afraid she will take me for granted. 9. I'm afraid she will be disgusted with me. 10. I'm afraid she will be disappointed with me. 11. I'm afraid she will not feel that I love her. 12. I'm afraid she will give up on me. 13. I'm afraid she will falsely accuse me of domestic violence or sexual harassments. 14. I'm afraid of her trying to set me up to see if I ever cheat on her. For these 14 reasons Mr. Sandman, I decided to go full on MGTOW." Well George thanks for the donation and topic. I'll get to it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to men making demands from women for a change clown world show. George don't you know that as men we aren't the half of the species that complains about women and makes demands of them. That they are the ones that are supposed to make demands on us. Well actually we do make demands on them but only when there is a surplus of women. Your 14 reasons if you told women these days about them they would laugh at you and call you pathetic. But 150 years ago if you were the average men they would take what you said seriously because without marriage they had no way to support themselves. You were their meal ticket. So with that out of the way let me go through your points one at a time. The first one regarding love women don't love us for who we are but what we can do for them. They also love their children the way that we love women. This is designed by nature so we give everything we can to the women we are with and so that the women we are with can give everything we give them to children. After taking their cut first of course. Once it sinks in fully that we will never get back what we give to them with the same intensity it's like someone telling a child that Santa Claus doesn't exist. How can you ever believe in Santa or love again in this case? It's tragic but it's the secret that women and soyciety work so hard to keep from us men. Number two you say that you want her to treat you like a king. Ie like a ruler or master. The age of patriarchy is over unless forty or fifty percent of the men just magically died. Then we would rapidly return to it or the population pyramid became a pyramid once more instead of the inverted pyramid of population demographics we are experiencing in the west. If there are too many men then men worship women like queens. If there are too many women then men worship men like kings. It's simply out of sexual or attention based desperation. Asking a woman in the west to treat you like a king when the demographics are this bad is crazy.

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csehszlovakze 8 months ago

your donor should also hit up huMAN's discord...

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sauger1001 8 months ago

Bottom line: You're afraid, I get it. Go box a kangaroo.

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bigintol03 8 months ago


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Mgvember 8 months ago

This 'George' character is so green, he might as well be a plant. (pun intended)

"organized MGTOW groups"

How can you go "full-on MGTOW" when you don't even understand half of it?

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MAC88 8 months ago

He sounds naive, but the topic looks genuine. It’s not uncommon for people to want to organize. MRA was the first attempt but clearly it’s ineffective.

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sauger1001 8 months ago

Everyone starts "Green". No one is born an expert. Some can become red pilled more quickly than others. My buddy was married/divorced 3x, and STILL wants to get married again. Leykis was married/divorced 4x. I'm of the same age, and have NEVER been married, and don't plan to marry... at least not until the return of the Messiah, when Laws are more equitable. I won't be cucked by the gyno-courts.

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sauger1001 8 months ago

@sauger1001: Until then, if I ever do, I'm going fishing.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

I add other reasons for staying single. and all of them positive:

_ You do not have to share ANYTHING. Your bed, your car, your music is yours and nobody else's.

_ You get rid of having to endure tedious boring family gatherings and undesirable people. You don't have to listen (again) to the stories of your partner's uncle.

_ No one contradicts you in your decisions. Do you want to go to study in Canada? Go ahead, nobody will stop you.

_ There is no need to divide expenses. You can spend your money on whatever you want (without having to consider the gift of Love and Friendship Day, stupid Valentine's Day, engagement and marriage anniversaries, birthdays, etc, etc).

_ You can go on a trip wherever you want. How does Vietnam sound? Jamaica? The sky (and your finances) is the limit and not the wishes of your partner.

_ You will not get bitter with useless arguments and lawsuits. If you don't want to get dressed and prefer to walk around the house in your panties all day, there will be no one to stop you.

_ Your bathroom is yours. The toothpaste will always be as you left it, the medicine cabinet will only have your things and nothing else. No creams, no makeup, no hair dye, no depilatory wax, the toilet will remain with the lid up or down, you decide.

_ You can go out with who you want, the days you want, the time you want.

_ If you go to party with your friends, no one will claim you for arriving a little happier than usual.

_ When you see your friends married, with extra kilos and complaining because they don't have enough money to support their kids, you look at the sky and say: THANK YOU.

_ You can keep going to the gym and practicing boxing and martial arts to stay healthy and strong for the rest of your life.

_ You take the time you want to get ready. No one will be pressuring you to get out.

_ If you go to a shopping center to try on all the clothes in a store, there will be no one who will rush you to decide on one.

_ Your cell phone bill will not be in the red.

_ You can have a LOT of sex. Not necessarily with the same person (although I prefer the monk mode)

_ The closet is full of your clothes. Each drawer you open contains your clothes, in the way you decide to arrange them.

_ You can have the car you want without thinking that it must be a family car.

_ You can have a motorcycle and go out with your friends.

_ One word: in-laws.

Do you get it?
Singleness is the best state of Man.
Single, but not always alone.
What do you think?

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Hard hairy big pack
Hard hairy big pack 8 months ago

Thanks for reminding me why i'm single, it helps a lot especially during the holydays when you see all those '' happy '' couples posting their fakebook pictures of them spending Christmas together.

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