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'Right Wing Women' discover, then go FULL ON attack mode on the 'Red Pill Men'.

Published on 02 Oct 2023 / In People & Blogs

Is there really any surprise they don't like us either? Zero difference between better-than-you conservative women and feminists.

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Blackpilltruth 10 months ago

YOU are on YOUTUBE. lol You are still supporting anti male platform.

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Heavyhand 10 months ago

“Women are children”


Learning this changed my life for the better. Really cleared a lot up for me.

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remarksman 10 months ago

'We're not saying that women are second-class citizens'? Who is 'we', Joker?

And why would 'we' say something that obviously is not true? What IS true is that men and boys in Anglo nations HAVE been second-class citizens for many decades, and that is not ok, and 'we' don't care if that truth alienates women, including women claiming to be conservative.

I've been involved in men's issues for thirty years, and I can name maybe a dozen U.S. women who have stood up against the totalitarianism that feminism is. Going way back, a few women like Trudy Schuett at the Desert Light Journal were objecting to our feminist government and society.

VERY FEW women were publicly critical of feminism, so why do you say that 'angry red pill' men are taking an extreme position? Why is the truth extreme? Why should 'we' be ashamed of pointing out the truth, even when our (ahem) allies calling themselves conservative women become upset?

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WMHarrison94 10 months ago

When the Truth becomes offensive, than you being offended is probably going to Hell since you are schizophrenic, ie detached from reality... just stating the obvious.

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remarksman 10 months ago

Great topic from Better Bachelor. Your shows really do make men better.

A big part of the reason that feminism rules all U.S. institutions is because 'conservative' and 'Christian' men have sold fatherhood and masculinity down the river by enabling, funding, and enforcing the Woke-Feminist State.

I've been fighting with 'conservative' men at righty sites like Breitbart for many years about their pathetic simpiness and cuckiness concerning their wives, daughters, mommies etc. ruling over them.

The GOP likewise has been selling out men and boys for decades. The past few election cycles, the GOP and their instruments like Breitbart have been selling female (read: feminist) candidates heavily. It is child's play to maneuver righty men by using mildly attractive feminists as candidates. The same scam also worked great for years at FOX News, with its changing bevy of short-skirted blonde bimbos.

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Mustang 10 months ago

BB, there's a Company that I wish people would boycott and that is Amazon. Jeff Bezos is a big time Leftist that promotes ultra-Left Wing Causes with his Billions of profits from Amazon. I'm 70 and so far, have not bought one thing from Amazon.

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