I am a philosopher, and something of a comedian as well. I've spent much of my time trying to understand reality and how it works. As a philosopher I am solely dedicated to the truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth might be. Nothing is off limits so long as it is true, and even lies will be explored to expose them as lies. To fear a thing is to give it the power to control you. Don't fear lies, and especially don't fear the truth.

The content I create is not presented in a stereotypical philosophical way, with a somber tone, and calm demeanor. Sometimes that's the case, but most time I present things in a comical, and animated way. This is quite on purpose, as I don't like the current trend of philosophers who take themselves far too seriously, and in many cases don't even know of what they speak. In stead replacing knowledge and understanding with gobbly gook rhetorical nonsense, and the so called correct comber tone, and pretentious attitude.

I don't do that. I break my thoughts down in a way that is easy for all to understand, and present it in a way which opposes the stereotypical view people have of philosophers as monotone, stuffy, all to serious individuals who present things in a way that most cannot understand.

I also like to laugh, as do most people, so comedy, and dark humor are often of utmost importance.

I also believe in mirroring the opposition, and fighting with with fire, so you will often hear speech which mirrors the hyperbole, and extreme nature of the lefts views when presenting mine in terms of terminology, and certain modes of addressing the opposing side. This is quite on purpose. The way you beat your enemy is to fight your enemy on his terms. Fight fire with fire. Especially an enemy like the left, who does their utmost to employ psychology tactics of manipulation.

You won't win against the left by not stooping to their level, turning the other cheek, or any other such nonsense. Such saying come directly from those who indeed either don't want you to fight back, or to fight the wrong fights.

I endeavor to help people understand what the true threats to western civilization are, and how to fight said threats. Truth, in all forms.

Anyhow, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say my goal is to wake everyone up to how reality really works so that they have the tools to operate at their utmost.

I hope you enjoy my content. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at admin@therealistphilosopher.com

Also feel free to visit my website at www.therealistphilosopher.com