Look me up on YouTube. Same User name and avatar. (Rip & Tear)

It was the date that to me will live in infamy: January 20th, 2017. Not because it was the day Donald Trump was inaugurated but because it was the day I signed my life and rights away - when I signed my death certificate, otherwise known as a marriage license. I was was trapped in the worst marriage EVER!


After confronting the whore EX-wife about cheating on me next thing i know she does me like Amber Heard did Johnny Depp, I'm accused of assault when in reality she was the violent partner who had hit me in the face a month prior. After being drug in & out of court, in & out of jail and not even allowed go to my own home that I pay for for the duration of 4.5 months I got a wake up call how I brought all this on myself by signing a marriage license. By far the worst mistake of my life was getting married. The marriage only lasted 2.5 years. I am a VERY RARE exception to the normal divorce court. Normally its the woman who gets everything and the man pays the rest of his life. In my divorce NO child support, NO alimony, I keep the house. I was first thrown in jail over this bullshit June 2019. The divorce was final September 2019. Since that time its been my duty to warn other men, especially young men to never marry these bitches!!!

I regularly upload content and MGTOW.tv is the perfect platform for me because I speak exactly whats on my heart and hold nothing back. Props to all my fellow MGTOW brothers out there.