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Zoo owner releases tiger into pool to prank swimmers

Published on 20 Sep 2023 / In News & Politics

You know what it’s like when you own an exclusive, celebrity-studded, appointment-only zoo – it can get boring at times. That’s why this zoo owner decided to liven up activities by letting his tiger go for a swim in the pool – as a group of visitors were taking selfies in there. The resulting footage was a mixture of The Hangover and Jaws (if Jaws were a comedy romp).

Humaid Al Buqaish, the man behind the now-viral video, has made waves before with his outlandish animal encounters, from eating pizza with a bear to chilling on his sofa with a fully grown lion. He founded the Al Buqaish zoo with his own money after the Royal Family of Dubai outlawed owning exotic pets, leaving many animals without a home. Visits are reportedly by appointment only, and visitors are clearly treated to a... unique hands-on experience.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Hey, that's not funny man. We need those guuys when the zombie apocalypse begins... to allow us to escape.

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