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Zero Apologies Part 2 - Mgtow

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Published on 02 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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GoogleSucks 1 month ago

Even before names were named as examples of what these feminasties may be creating, I thought of the guy a few years back who stripped naked, went to a Waffle House, and shot the place up. These feminasties/feminuts/feminazis are motivated and drive by pure hate; that is all it is. Utilizing power and acting on it to intentionally bring pain and harm to another is a basic definition of evil, so these people are evil at their cores -- full stop, the real thing -- monsters. Monsters always instinctively pick out the most vulnerable, so they will instinctively pick out the boys most vulnerable and/or who have no escape (after school, etc.) from this evil, and then descend on them with viciousness. Fast forward a decade or so, and more psycho killers, more Waffle Houses and the like getting shot up. This shit pisses me off and does need to be challenged, immediately and then with persistence.

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ancientsea 1 month ago

This has gone too far. A world so gynocentric with male devaluation and shame is as outdated. The paradigm is as lazy/retarded as the 14th Century men who thought the world was "flat". Beck, the ArchAngel was right....SO "ef-in'' right.

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ThinkorDie 1 month ago

If they do become Bundy, Peterson, et cetera., then may it be these "teachers" who are the recipients.

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