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YouTubers who did ... Horrible Things

Published on 30 Jul 2022 / In Other

These are YouTubers who went down a horrible path and did horrible things that I cannot say in the title or description apparently without YouTube demonetizing this video.

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KEEPER 1 year ago  

their stories are now being turned into creepy pasta's, i watch this guys channel for entertainment purpose's and i was surprised to see him do a video on this topic because usually he talks about made up scary stories.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 1 year ago

The 1st case. Boys are are lied to by their mothers, tv, close relatives, society, and many even by their father. What he was describing, I saw me. Boys raised to be "cute" or neglected will eventually become men. Men who were never taught to be men. Men who have nothing to fight for and nothing to lose.
"Control your biology"... What's the point of living then? Even the bible uses the word "multiply", to me that's seems a clear incentive to NOT control your biology.
It's often we talk about the barbarians. You reading this, you are the barbarian, take what's yours.
One may think like that young man, reality is far from what he thought it was. He too was a barbarian.

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