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YouTube is Changing Their Terms of Service… Again | Grunt Speak

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Published on 04 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

The Crazy Drunk Uncles have a big announcement concerning their future on YouTube. Pay attention and click the Linktree to take the first step on your journey to New Tech.
#TerrencePopp #NewTech #YouTube

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QDLLC 30 days ago

And Rumble is struggling…WHY? People should be flocking to Rumble by the millions.

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DooM_Dude 29 days ago

I don't use Rumble because it doesn't work on my computrer.

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"Gonna Ram It, Ram It, Ram It up your YouTube!"
Everyone basically HATES Susies Poo Tube.
Plant seed videos on Youtube and throw in links to ALL the other platforms your on.
And white ant the entire platform.
Make the fuckers nose dive into the dirt from their celestial heights.

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