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Youtube BANS Russell Brand & Elon Musk Steps In As It Massively Backfires! Game Changer For Creators

Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

Youtube fact checks Russell Brand and it massively backfires! Check Out Our Salted Caramel! https://coffeebrandcoffee.com/....collections/coffee/p

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Loved the Trump intro! I was listening to someone maybe RGE from last night mentioning the ark, Noah's Ark, and MAGA fans or something... It got me thinking: Make Arks Great Again--- come on down giant meteor! The Left wants a purge: so let's give them one. Purge the Left. I am sure they will agree since they want to burn everything down and love killing babies just like the child tossed into fiery pits as sacrifices to Baal! They are the Left! We have the archaeological pits from Tunisia (Carthage or their Punic Wars with Rome) just where Rome said they were... It's not murder: It's Healthcare! My question is why stop at one year old? Let's take this bitch to at least 35 years old! The Roman patriarchy had that power-- the life or death of their kids in their hand legally. Let's bring that back! Or we can just build ourselves some arks and watch the Left drown as we eat popcorn on the deck!

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ??> You don't want Brand to leave ScrooTube !? THATS the problem He should leave YOU should leave Everyone who cares about FREE SPEACH should Get the Hell OFF ScrooTube ---> STOP MAKEING THEM MONEY !!!! It's the only way to stop the communist take over ............THIS makes you a sympathizer - Aiding and Abetting the Enemy !

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