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Young Ladies Are Broke & Lost And Their Degrees Won't Save Them, But THIS Would

Published on 19 May 2024 / In Entertainment

You have now witnessed the Notorious CGA!

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When women fuck - they are the ones who get pregnant....

And she fucks unprotected / no contraceptives.... and gets pregnant.

Then she says, "HE got me pregnant".

Fucking is a bit like driving down a fast, windey mountain road at great speed, at night, with a rocky wall of mountain on one side and a steep cliff on the other - and then letting go of the steering wheel - holding your hands over your eyes and going "La La La - I love you Jesus - I love you - La La La!"

When they fuck without contraception, THEY are the ones who are NEGLIGENT, they are the ones who got themselves pregnant.

She has an IQ lower than her shoe size.

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