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You Will Attract Demons On Semen Retention XD


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Published on 18 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 24 days ago

I can totally relate to this as something similar happened to me about 10 years ago when I was still dating. The relationship I was in was coming to a fast end and the woman had metered the sex down to almost nothing. A typical manipulation tactic. We were having lunch in a restaurant and in my line of sight was a good looking woman, about ten years younger than the woman I was with, and we were clearly checking each other out. Same as with this guy she was dressed quite sexy, all a tight fitting black outfit. Eventually she walked right past us to go to the restroom and looked at me intensely with "the look" in her eye and a coy smile on her face. I had been around enough to know an open invitation when I see it.

Total succubi. It's like they can just feel the stored up energy and want it for themselves.

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WMHarrison94 25 days ago

Bro... you don't even know how dark this shit is: Yeah, try to save yourself but like with Noah, there are no more good women... granted they found one (pure DNA) and settled for two "hybrid infected" women allowing the corruption to survive the Flood, which by the way, the "giants" survived underground too in bunkers like the Great Pyramid of Giza... just saying. The Serpents have perfected cloning to the point of possessing their clone bodies until they die... To get an idea watch NetFlix's Altered Carbon replace sleeve with clone... and understand many of these underground facilities like StarGate and SG1's bases and the Hive of Resident Evil's Raccoon city exist all over the world... There's a video here of someone, an artist I am thinking he was like big Hollywood writer or bestseller list novelist has been there in them with the Queen of England... it's here on MGTOW under clones or cloning I think was in the title.

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Good point about clones that has already been discussed with the anime GHOST IN THE SHELL clones and implant and replace memories similar to BLADE RUNNER yeah the evil scumbags have found ways to clone and can easily do it however don't get cloned and do your best to Slay those Evil Cunts in this Spiritual WAR GOD. LESS GOD BE WITH YOU AND GODSPEED \G/

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