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You Still Believe in Red Pill Women (Black pill)?

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Published on 19 Feb 2020 / In People & Blogs
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SentientVerity 1 month ago

i watch the better bachelor as well. and tho I like his channel, he's a bit off the mark. his audience is pua/red pill/blue pill/purple pill which which has clashed a few times because the pua is more inept to the blue pill lifestyle.

and this causes the majority of his videos to pander to the blue pill traditional ideals which will cause most men to forget about all the facts logic and reasons why they took the red pill in the first place, and make them become complacent to go back to the plantation of traditionalism when women still have the right to fuck any man in the court of public opinion and the family courts as well.

i would hope to come up with a quote that speaks to every man as a reminder to this idea of traditionalism while the women still have the right to fuck their lives up is still on the table. i think of it like modern traditionalism is to the mafia and they will kill you regardless what you do. so don't even give them an inch of your power or your freedom for that matter.

i just need someone who is better with words than i am, to leave these quotes within the site. i would think putting them in the latest videos would be a good idea because this is where we go to see the latest information.

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SentientVerity 1 month ago

i agree. i think it was something TFM said that got me to understand the future. in time these women will become more and more desperate, and we will start seeing these women flooding more and more into the mgtow red pill spaces pretending that they are traditional and understand men's position.

TFM warned the mgtow community that these women will try and convince these men to leave and find a good traditional women, TFM used the term cosplay as this is what these women will do in order to lower the guard of these men in the community.

TFM also said this is a still a shit deal, because these women still have all the rights to destroy a man over an accusation or take everything from him through divorce court. he's hoping these men will be red pilled enough to heed his warnings and ignore these trad thots. but i know some men are much weaker than others and will forget all the red pulling education just to get some pussy that pretends to be traditional.

it might bleed into the community slowly or all at once. but when it does these women will promise all kinds of things to snatch their man, and all mgtow should be wary of such tactics as it will seem pie in the sky it will feel like it's real and desired after. but we are to resist as the solders of mgtow.

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ChroniclesofAJ 1 month ago

All the girls like geogia free are looking to catch a man who have alot more value and dont really care about the red pill knowledge lol

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