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**YOU'VE BEEN WARNED** Ugly Men DO NOT Approach Women

Published on 03 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

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00:00 TikTok Woman
01:32 Analysis - How Women Disdain Ugly Guys
06:13 TikTok 2
06:55 TikTok 3
07:36 Analysis - Women Only Want Attractive Men
12:37 The Solution

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usr6874038614 4 months ago

Wait until she has a flatty or needs assistance to haul her kitchen cabinet to her car.
This woman is proof we need period huts again to protect our society. Every woman should be separated from society when hormones are playing up, it would make society SO much more peaceful and straightforward.
She is also a person that should be owned by a man, and should not be allowed to be outside by herself. Now in which society did we hear about that principle again? Maybe they're on to something....

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kingtongue 4 months ago

Moths worms literally eating your clothes and laying eggs in it.

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FL_Steve 4 months ago

Ugly means you are in the bottom 80% of looks. It's no wonder men are going MGTOW and ignoring women in the workplace.

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That woman in the first 3 seconds - she is a lying, manipulative cunt, who likes to dramatise everything, and make her self the center of the bullshit feminist universe.

"Oh look at me, look at me, look at me - Oh my god... Another Tick Thot moment of great importance, Drama, Drama, Drama"

And into the feminist circle jerk of contemptable stupid cunts she goes - the echo chamber of feminist shit at it's best.

The penalties - she will age badly and probably die drunken, alone, homeless and full of head meds.

And deservedly so.

And no one will give a flying fuck for this lying piece of shit.

She has already hit the wall, she is now OLD and INFERTILE and is just a stupid cunt, still playing on the ONLY draw card she once HAD - her looks and her cunt.

Now her looks are tanking, the nasty wrinkles have started creasing up her ugly attitude and her ugly face and the nasty bitch LOOKS nasty.

"The nastyness on the outside, finally matches the nastyness on the inside".


She is fucked.

"Where are all the good men?"

Not around a piece of shit like you - that's for sure.


She actually reminds me quite a lot of Blondo....

The NASTNESS in the face....

The ugliness in her attitude.

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usr6874038614 4 months ago

"Oh look at me" : social media pick-me

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QuantMan 4 months ago

I don't approach women at all nor do I make eye contact with them unless I'm at work. I like the mgtow monk lifestyle.

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