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You're Not a Real Man! | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 27 May 2020 / In Gaming

⁣Blame and shame comes home to roost in the form of a blue pill beta who told Popp to focus on "becoming a better man" instead of telling the truth about the wahmen.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 3 months ago

<-- Plantation
--> Me

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Pale_Profit 8 months ago

Don't worry, once he gets burned, he will ingest like 20 redpills a day

   1    0
biochemmolgen 8 months ago

Not trying to be a dickhead, but I'd like to hear what bullshit "reasons" she desperately clings to in order to justify her hoaring around.

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SavagePanda 8 months ago

Sar Popp, not to be a smart-ass, but its spelled "writer" not "wrighter"

Yes the only reason I'm commenting this is because we're not in the same room and you can't give me a dressing-down for quibbling.

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DocteurDoome7 8 months ago

When, not if, when that guy gets hosed. He’ll be glad that Popp was man enough to make these vids. That’s being the better man.

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kyle smith
kyle smith 8 months ago

I have had this statement said to me when I was growing up when I was a young boy and it crushed me since I was raised by a single mother.

   1    0
Mogulanon 8 months ago

Enjoyed the story

   1    0
jmafa1957 8 months ago

I love this platform, Sgt. Popp. Beats hell out of YouTube!

   4    0
Nox1galzu 8 months ago

Mangina think like that guy

   1    0
BackyardTinkerer 8 months ago

gotta admit to you Popp, you sure do remind me of my first SSM. He was a Viet vet, ex SF, rough as guts and tough as nails, but good quality leadership with a lotta foul mouthed hilarity.
and yeah, like most of the peeps who came back from places they should never have gone, loved to drink

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BigBen6969 8 months ago

Popp:Please help a very angry book writer by the name of Peter Andrew Nolan! He is in need of some serious psychological help!

   1    0
WindSage 8 months ago

Is there a video from your kick boxing days?

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JMV 8 months ago

Fuck that blue pilled pussy. The ex stabbed you in the back, through no fault of yours.

   5    0
JGalvin 8 months ago

There's no such thing as a blue-pilled man. Those are called trannies.

   4    0
LongRedRoad 8 months ago

you do indeed help the lost!!! thank you Popp!

   3    0
Deanomarino31 8 months ago

Popp. You do not need to justify your life to any blue pilled cuck. All of your regular followers know how much you did in your life. We all salute you for your past and your present.

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JamesKirk 8 months ago

I learned, starting with my mother and continuing to every woman I dated, married, or just tried to please, it does not matter how good of a man you are or how hard you try if you don't have a red pill woman then you will never make her happy, you will never be enough

   5    0
SQUEAK077 8 months ago

Didn't have kids was engaged went through the same crap on a job then money checks came in for being injured she came back found her with another dick. After my last date i just do not trust women anymore Some women are good but they can keep their goodness. I have known men in the army to come home and suicide over a divorce. Nothing ever happens to women. A guy i knew death by cop after walking home from a party 3 cops 11 bullets in his body he had no gun white not black and at the funeral his woman was so nice thinking she was going to get his life insurance 250k plus i forget and 2 weeks before coming state side he changed is beneficiary to his father. I miss him he was a good man. Most friends now are dead or dead inside from divorce.

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Oddball56 8 months ago

"SA-LUTE" Sgt. Popp!! Please keep doing what you are doing.

   5    0
AlphaAdmin 8 months ago


   3    0
AngryCoffee 8 months ago

Blue pill cucks calling red pill men weak oh the comedy value keeps getting better each day

   10    0
BasilWrathbone 8 months ago

Fuck the cuck, he will get his eventually

   5    0
doczg88 8 months ago

Female privilege is one of the biggest questions there is.

   4    0
doczg88 8 months ago

Blue pilled Beta Cucks are ignorant idiots. Don't bother about their comments. The biggest weakness of us men is that we blame ourselves in relationships with women. Which is stupid and sexist. Women are quite often b*tches. More than men are jerks situations. Way more. Quite honestly I am impressed by female propaganda.

   5    0
John_Doe 8 months ago

The may be iditos, but are they truly ignorant? I know it can be fun and cathartic to make fun of those we lable cucks, simps, manginas, etc. But let's think it through. Aside the ones who are well and truly brainswashed by feminist propaganda, are the rest really ignorant? I would counter they may actually be cunning; or at least attempting to be. If they have the tiniest bit of introspection, the faintest shadow of critical thinking, they HAVE to realize they are the losers of society, the lowest men on the dominance heirarchy totem pole. The ONLY chance they have of getting laid is to ally themselves with feminists. So I sometimes think their virtue signaling has very little to do with virtue and, instead, a whole lot to do with trying to make themselves attractive to a segment of the opposite sex by making a show of adopting their ideology.

   2    0
CopCuffs 8 months ago

Popp, Are you sure it wasnt a girl pretending to be a guy?

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OlDirtyBazturd 8 months ago

No mortgage from age 30. Married 37 monogamous years. Still not good enough for her. Demanded divorce when she was 60. She got no alimony. I've never been happier! #justwalkaway

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John_Doe 8 months ago

Don't let em get to ya, Popp. The guy who made that comment will never accomplish even 10% of what you've accomplished in your life.

   4    0
WanderingGeezer 8 months ago

Thanks for another great vid, Popp. Keep up the good work of spreading the truth.

   3    0
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