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Wuhan Lab Is A Limited Hangout - Dr Mark Bailey Talks To Gareth Icke Tonight

Published on 04 Apr 2024 / In Entertainment

This week on Gareth Icke Tonight.

Dr Mark Bailey calls in from New Zealand to talk about his latest book, The Final Pandemic - An antidote to medical tyranny, penned with his wife Dr Sam Bailey, and how the Wuhan Lab gain of function theory, is just a limited hangout.

Australian musician TyDi comes on to talk about the state of the nation as it recovers from the draconian lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, as well as his own vaccine injury.

Retired policeman Gary Waterman says he has “irrefutable evidence that the Government has been complicit in International fraud and child trafficking.” He’s here to tell us just what that is.

And American filmmaker Stew Peters joins us to talk everything from his died suddenly documentary, the taking over of the alternative media, and why people refuse to call out Israel.

That’s Gareth Icke Tonight, Thursday 7pm UK on

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