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Published on 08 Jan 2021 / In Gaming

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KEEPER 19 days ago

so this game is kind of like "the last of us" maybe a little like dying light.
i have been playing dying light lately, i like the survival aspect where you have to conserve what you have to fight the zombies as much as possible. but the game is very slow progression in the first play through if you don't know what you are doing and don't know how to survive.

i can't believe how cautious i was when i first started lol, i wish the sneaking worked better, but like most games with stealth elements, it was kind of garbage and could have been much better.

the funny thing about the game engine could work really well as an thief type of game, and i like that kind of aspect i like the first person and the ability to climb buildings and the parkour is really fun, creating my own weapons or just using what i come across as an weapon, the guns comes later on in the story but you still need to conserve your resources as it's easy to run out if your not careful.

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Doggk 19 days ago

This game is more like "Left 4 Dead" than "the last of us".. I didn't play Dying light but knowing that it was made by the creators of Dead Island, I confirm what you said.. Dead Island has a very slow progression, same thing as Dying light.. I like such games but after a while I get bored..

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