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World’s first known dog-fox hybrid discovered

Published on 19 Sep 2023 / In News & Politics

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The first known dog-fox hybrid, called a ‘dogxim,’ has been confirmed in Brazil. The animal was hit by a car and taken to a vet back in 2021, but at the time the vet was stumped, and couldn’t work out whether their patient was a fox or a dog. After extensive testing by local universities, it was confirmed that she was in fact both - her mother was a pampas fox and her father was a domestic dog.

She was shown to have inherited traits from both her parents. For example, she refused pet food but ate live rodents, preferred to stay away from humans but was tolerant of them when approached, and occasionally played with toys. It’s believed she grew more comfortable with humans during her treatment, lacking the aggression expected from a wild fox.

Sadly, the hybrid good girl died around six months ago, but scientists believe she was not the only one of her kind, and that there are likely to be more dogxims currently living in the wild.

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