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World’s first 3D printed rocket fails to make orbit

Published on 24 Mar 2023 / In News & Politics

New 3D printed rocket just dropped. In fact, it dropped right out of the sky.

Terran 1, the world’s first 3D printed rocket developed by Californian startup Relativity, made it off the launchpad but not much further on Wednesday after catching fire and falling back to Earth. Terran 1 was almost entirely 3D printed, and contained only one payload: the company’s first ever metal 3D print. However, despite the successful launch (itself a first), the upper stage separated as planned only for the methane fuel to ignite and cause it to shut down. Previous attempted launches had not even gotten off the ground.

Once the company has 3D printed out the bugs, they hope to start work on a 20 tonne variant, Terran-R.

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Councilof1 1 year ago

I figured that would go as well as most 3D printed gun's. And it was worse than a 3D printed gun.

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